A story of overcoming obstacles where a young woman confronts her entire family in order to compete in acrobatic motorcycling. Una historia de superación donde una joven se enfrenta a toda su familia para poder competir en el motociclismo acrobático.

We Are Not Alone / No Estamos Solos

Matías wants to forget, until he meets Sharik and Niara, and discovers that to live in the present he has to reconcile himself with his past. Matías quiere olvidar, hasta que conoce a Sharik y Niara, y descubre que para vivir el presente tiene que …

Anger / Ira

A story about the adversities and losses that individuals have to face and how these experiences are collectively processed. Una historia sobre las adversidades, y pérdidas a las que tienen que hacer frente los individuos y cómo colectivamente se procesan esas experiencias.

Children of the Clouds

A young American girl runs off with her North African stepsister, heading into the Sahara desert.


An story dealing with the poignant issues of Human Trafficking.

The Talking Trees / Los Árboles Parlantes

This is an action-packet adventure story about sustainability aimed at children. Its 9-year-old protagonist is commissioned to save the Earth from a terrible enchantment that could end it.a Es una historia de aventura, llena de acción, dirigida al público infantil. Su protagonista con tan solo …

Trip to Swan / Viaje a Swan

A renowned young reporter is serving a sentence for being the only one responsible for a tragedy that she will never forget. The story of a tormented woman, that deals with guilt, the strength of love and the human capacity for rebirth. Una joven y …

Salir del Ropero

In Spanish cinemas on September 11th and worldwide on Netflix the following year under the title “So My Grandma’s a Lesbian”.   “Salir del Ropero” is a movie centred around complex individuals from the same family, that over time has kept them apart from each …